Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Jefi and her well-honed team are the best you can find.  Period.

After my parents passed away two years ago and interviewing four or five realtors, Jefi was clearly the most positive, realistic, and the best choice to sell my parents' house.  It was a difficult house to sell, but her enthusiasm for the challenge never flagged and her strategy was well-planned and detailed.  At that point, it was clear Jefi REALLY knew what she was doing.

This year, after a few other local realtors "tried" to sell my house in the desert community of Borrego Springs (two hours away), Jefi volunteered to help, even though it was well out of her area of San Diego County.  With a detailed marketing plan, she and her team got it done with grace, humor, tenacity, and patience.

Jefi and her team have my highest recommendation.

- Leo B.

My Husband and I were looking to sell our home in San Diego and we had the pleasure of working with Jefi Moultrie and her partner Joe OMeara at Thrive Real Estate.  Since we were not local, we came down to SD and interviewed several realtors before making our decision on whom to go with.  Our criteria was specific, as we needed a real estate team that could properly position the property and make the sale, but also we needed them to handle all the necessary projects and actions to prepare the home for sale, without us having to fly into town repeatedly to manage/handle ourselves. 

We were extremely impressed with Jefi's knowledge of the area, detailed game-plan and sense of urgency to meet our timeline, but also do quality and effective improvements to ensure no issues arose throughout the process.  Jefi and her team lead the way in prepping the house for sale with several upgrades and staging prior to pictures and listing.  They canvassed the neighborhood to get the word out for the open house, and the first weekend garnered a lot of interest and we had a buyer on Day 1.  

The Thrive team lead each step of the process and were proactive in their communication, ensuring we had quick feedback and direction on the next steps. This was extremely important to us as we we were not local and worked with them over the phone/text/email.  The positive energy and support from the entire team was very much appreciated, and an effective and efficient timeline made the process of selling the home easy and (relatively) stress free.  We would definitely recommend Jefi, Joe and the Thrive Real Estate team to anybody looking to sell their property.  Special thanks to Jefi, Joe, Jamie and Jack for all the hard work!  House listed end of June, and escrow closed end of July.

- Daisy R.

Jefi's expertise, good advice and follow through helped with the sale of our mother's home. She and her team are outstanding. From the time we decided to sell to the day it closed Jefi could not have been better. I would be happy to recommend Jefi and her team to anyone in need of an experienced, dedicated and joyful realtor.

- Steve D.

Talk about a "Ball of Fire"...Jefi fills that role down to a tee.  She is always on the go, and on the ball.  She & Joe O'Meara operate a classy, up to the moment Real Estate Office in La Mesa.  They marketed our home from every imaginable avenue, in order to get buyers to view our house.  We were moving out of State, so the coordination of getting two Escrows to close simultaneously was quite a feat, and Thrive Real Estate made it happen.   While Jefi & Joe are out in the field, Jaime & Jack see that everything gets done in a timely manner from the office.  And they will answer any questions antsy sellers might have about any number of issues that come up. We were very satisfied with Jefi, Joe, and their crew at Thrive Real Estate.  I don't know how to get this to list me as the author, but I am Linda P. ...and I think I wrote a pretty good review.
Linda P

My brother and I worked with Jefi and her team to sell our parents' house. What a pleasure it was working with her on this very stressful business. I was new to the process of selling a house, and she helped us feel confident about what we were doing. Bottom line: We got a great price for the house and closed very quickly.

Some details: Jefi is smart and exceptionally good at explaining the fine points of various documents and the selling process. She gave us well-informed advice about the basic value of the house and what small repairs were worth making and why. She kept us up-to-speed as we went through the process, and was always ready to do a phone call. She was upbeat and optimistic while being frank and clear.

She and her team push to get through escrow as quickly as possible, and advocate being upfront about everything--both things we really appreciated. And overall, she really understands customer service. I can't imagine anything she could have done better.
- Richard J

Returning to California after many was challenging to be on a long-distance search for what we hope is our last home purchase.  Over the past 14 months, Jefi never tired in her quest to find us the home of our dreams, answer our questions, meet us at the airport at a moments notice....(you get the idea...).  If there was a ten-star rating, she definitely earned it!  Such a pleasure to work with....her entire staff is a class-act team!  Don't look any further than Jefi!!
- Lisa M

Highly recommend Jefi and her team! They did a great job getting our La Mesa home sold and pulled off a real estate miracle by helping get both the sale and the new purchase to close escrow on the same day!
- Kerry F

There are not enough nice things I can say about Jefi and her team! They were absolutely wonderful to work with. In late January, we had heard about a job transfer for my husband and I started looking for realtors to list our house. I had no idea what the market was like, and how quickly or slowly the house will sell, so I was quite worried. I looked online for some agents and had no idea what I was looking for. I reached out to my neighbour who sold their house a couple of years ago, and she highly recommended Jefi. I contacted her and quickly got set up with a meeting. She did a walk through, and sat down to talk with us, asking us what we felt the house was worth, and what we would like to sell it for, and what she thought we could sell it for. We had originally thought we'd be happy with about $420k since a similar home sold for 428k the year before, but had a few things we didn't have. She gave us comps and suggested we list between 450 and 475k. We trusted her expertise and went with it. I set to cleaning/packing up the house to make it show ready, hired a cleaner, but the plans fell through, and Jefi helped me book a great one ASAP, just in time for the pictures. Within about a week, our house was up on the market, (I believe Feb 2nd), and decided the open house would be the week after, on the 10th. However, we didn't even make it there, and had requests for showings the very next day. We had 4 showings within 3 days, and offers right away. We accepted an offer within a week for 460k and just went with it. There were minor hiccups through the process, with buyer's requests, and whatnot, which in the midst of moving to another state, felt overwhelming, but Jefi was there helping us with everything. She referred us to agents in the state we were moving to, and even worked with our buying agent and our the selling agent of our new house, keeping everyone apprised of the status of our sale. She is quick, responsive, decisive, and kept me from freaking out too much, which is no easy task. She made this entire process super smooth. I cannot recommend her enough. Furthermore, her team Jamie and Jack, were always there to help answer questions. Every document or addendum that needed signing, or questions that needed answering, were completed promptly and thoroughly. A huge THANK YOU to Jefi and her amazing team.
- Esther H

Jefi and her team are a top-notch group who are great to work with.  I live on the east coast and was a little worried about the ability to coordinate a sale in San Diego County.  Those concerns were quickly put at ease by Jefi's responsiveness and professionalism.  The sale, which happened a year ago, was quick and stress-free.  I write now to add that I recently needed her help on a follow-up issue that required extensive research.  Like everything else, she handled it thoroughly and efficiently.  I would not hesitate to call on her services in the future.
- Randy S.

A true advocate for her clients! She not only held together my sale in California but helped hold together the one I had here. Thank you!
- Leigha W.

Where do I even begin when recommending Jefi and her real estate team? A Yelp review will never fully express the outstanding performance Jefi and her team did for my family. I will try my best here, but if you don't like long detailed reviews and just want the gist of it. Then don't hesitate a second to hire Jefi to sell your home! It will be the best real estate and personal finance decision you will ever make. She is a true professional that backs up her word with hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity and style. A combination of qualities not commonly found in the real estate industry. Jefi exceeded all of our expectations. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jefi to my family, friends or any potential sellers/buyers in the market today.

Here is our story:
When we were ready to sell our home, we initially gravitated towards Redfin. We liked their lower commissions and they claimed to sell your house faster and for more money vs. a traditional agent. Redfin seemed like the best fit on paper.

Our house was in Lakeside, so we met with Redfin's "East County Specialist". Let's just say her name is C.B.  C.B. stopped by and toured our house. We then all sat down and she started to list all of the negatives about our house! She said that we didn't have granite countertops, we didn't have stainless steel appliances, we didn't have grass, we didn't have a pool, etc... our house just didn't. C.B. went on to explain to us that our house based on recent comps and current condition should sell and be listed for $560k. We told her that our Redfin Online Estimate was currently at $624k. Plus, our house had a very unique contemporary design, lots of natural light, vaulted ceilings, Italian marble tile flooring, huge kitchen etc.. We also took 3 months to clean, renovate, update, and stage the house into showroom condition. We definitely put skin in the game, so in our gut, we believed the house was worth closer to $600k. C.B. insisted that the comps don't lie and that buyers want granite countertops and newer appliances, end of story.

Needless to say, the meeting didn't go as we had imagined. Even her manager reviewed our property and he also agreed with her, "Your house is only worth $560k and will sell at max for $580k!" My wife and I decided that Redfin wasn't the right fit. So, we never listed with them. 

I immediately jumped on Yelp, found Jefi and setup a meeting. Jefi and her business partner, Joe O'Meara arrived at our home. When they toured the house, it was like night and day vs. Redfin. It was a productive meeting full of possibilities, ideas, and experience. Jefi's positive attitude and confidence shined. We discussed our negative experience with Redfin. Jefi asked us, "What's your magic number?" We told her $600k but were almost embarrassed to say after what happened with Redfin. We talked about all the unique qualities of the house and why we believed it was worth more. Jefi said with full confidence, "Let's go for it!" Right there and then, my wife and I knew that Jefi was the right person for our project. Someone that actually listens and treats their client like a client and not just a number. We signed and we all agreed to list in a range for $600k - $624k.

In no time, Jefi had started a marketing plan for our property. There is a lot of strategy and experience in how Jefi allocates her time and dollars to market your house. Jefi really builds up momentum for your most critical, first week on the market and a big open house showing. There are many moving parts when selling a home. It can be very time consuming to accommodate all the viewings, appraisals, inspections etc.. Jefi is a great coordinator. She is always transparent and communicative about her process and very respectful for your time as a seller. Which meant a lot to us, with three kids and a newborn baby.

And guess what? In only a week, we accepted an offer for $620k! Plus, the buyer's bank even appraised our house for $620k. When Redfin follows the comps, Jefi leads and makes the comps. We were the new high comp for the neighborhood! That is how you sell a house!

It doesn't end there. Our buyers' buyers, dropped out last minute. Our home sale was contingent on the sale of their house. Now with their house with no buyer, we thought it was over. Did Jefi panic? Nope, she didn't even flinch. She rolled up her sleeves and helped our buyer and their agent sell their house. She helped them find another buyer in less than two weeks! Jefi even worked with our buyer's, buyer's agent and loan officers to make sure the deal moved smoothly through escrow. It was incredible. I watched her basically sell two houses to close our deal. Jefi deserved double commission for the work she did.

Thank you Jefi for all your hard work, believing in us and our project. Through all the ups and downs, you stayed positive with an unrelenting professional work ethic. You exceeded all our expectations. Our family will be forever grateful to you. Thank you Jefi!!!
- Rudy G

Wow, I can't recommend Jefi enough. She knows that selling (or buying) a house really is a big life event and can be a difficult and emotional journey. Our sale came with a horrible twist of fate--and continued to get worse. But Jefi was so compassionate and supportive and helped to find the right solution for us, even with many twists and turns on the way.
- Christine D. 

Jefi was referred to me by another friend who had worked with her. I had never purchased a property before. I contacted Jefi and we started looking. However, due to family health issues I had to stop and start more then once. Every time I contacted her she was ready to go. I felt like she really heard me and I changed what I was looking for more then once. She and her amazing team never faulted. They always responded to  my many calls and text messages. They got me through the "deal" process. With the utmost professionalism and really had my back. Before I knew it we were through escrow and I was a new home owner. I would recommend Jefi and her team to anyone, they are a real pleasure to work with.
- Kandis M.

Jefi and Jo helped us move mountains to get into our dream home. Getting your dream home in this market is not a guarantee but they made it happen. Within 32 days of realizing this home existed we had the keys. The only team I will ever refer people I care about to are Jo and Jefi.  Thank you!
- Laura V.

To start i would say that if i could give 10 stars, i would ! What else to add ? :)
When time came to contact a real estate agent, i looked on Yelp and picking up Jefi was not difficult due to the # of exceptional reviews she has on that site. Even  though i sent her a message on a Sunday she responded almost immediately. 
When we met (with Joe O'Meara, Jefi's business partner) i let both know about my previous experience with a realtor when we bought our home, experience that was pretty negative in matter of time and process. I also let them know about my last quality "patience" ... not to say that i have none ! Ah ah.
The dialogue between us was straightforward which is a something that i value. 
We had to work on some aspect of our home to make it valuable on the market and Jefi and her team took care of every single steps from contacting a contractor, following up on the progress, etc.
Our home was put on the market a Thursday, we had an open house on Saturday the same week and an offer 10 days later. The whole process went fast, smooth and was dealt with professionalism and courtesy. 
What else to ask for ? Everybody can understand from the above that if i had to deal with a real estate agent again it would be Jefi ... As we are relocating abroad that will surely not happen, unfortunately. But be sure that if we could take such an efficient realtor with us, we would :)
I cannot end this review without mentioning Jamie and Jack from Thrive Real Estate whose contact / service / etc. are on the same level of quality than Jefi and Joe.
- Corinne E.

Jefi and Joe @ Thrive; these two were outstanding in selling our home. Everyone at Thrive are wonderful.

From the very start they treated my wife and I as VIP's.  Everything was spot on, from the signage for our home to our open house to the sale of our home. They were great at communicating with us, keeping us updated, and answering our questions. Jefi provided us with guidance to ensure the best results.

We had over 20 visitors with our open house. And within less than two weeks our home was claimed by a wonderful family as their dream home. All the transactions went smooth without any hitches for both parties. A home run sale of our home.

Normally I give 4 Stars which is my standard. With Jefi and Joe at Thrive I will break my standard just this one time, and give them a FIVE star. A five star to everyone at Thrive.

Thank you so much Jefi for the wonderful experience.
- Brent E.

Jefi is amazing!!! As a first time home buyer I was clueless as to what the process was. She was very patient and explained what was going to happen and was there every step of the way. I highly recommend Jefi if you are looking to buy or sell a home.
- Rachel Q.

Jefi is by far the best realtor and person inside and out. She did an amazing job on first selling our property in 3 days and making sure the transaction went through smoothly. She then found our forever home for our family. We could not ask for anyone better. Thank you Jefi and all of her team(Colleen,Jamie and Jack you are all amazing) that was able to make this possible for us.
- Erica S.

Fantastic agent for our sale thank you Jefi and to your team!
Robert N.

If there were 10 stars available, Jefi would have 10 stars!!!!  She is committed, hard working, accurate, creative, honest, and has real estate savvy.  Jefi has always been available and has a very efficient team that makes sure all paper work is done promptly.  We have had her represent us in several real estate transactions and an MLS business sale and I can honestly say we would not want anyone else representing us.
- Patricia K.

You will not find a better real estate agent! The sale of our home seemed effortless. Because of her expert marketing strategies, our home sold in two days! Jefi knows how to attract qualified buyers with an expansive advertising plan. She is professional and friendly. We felt supported every step of the way. She kept us informed throughout the process and was always available by phone, text or email. Hope she comes to visit us at our new home in Florida. She is a pleasure.
- Mary Kay R.

What an amazing home-buying experience!  Joe and Jefi are ideal to work with when either buying or selling a home.  Without having any connections, we reached out to them through Yelp when moving to La Mesa from out of state.   Jefi called back right away and set the table for a comforting journey.   This experience has been chill as it can be! Every step of the way has not only exceeded our expectations, but our new adventure has pretty much been the smoothest, most stress-free transition we could have imagined.  Jefi and Joe are experienced, super-knowledgeable and professional, have great communication, are detail-oriented and kind, and most importantly, they keep your needs, desires and dreams in mind when looking for a new home--no matter the size or price...they will find it for you!  Joe showed us around La Mesa and the surrounding area for two full days as we searched for the home (with accompanying neighborhood and schools) that best fits our lifestyle.  It was awesome and exciting to work with them!  If we ever sell our new home, we know exactly where to go!  This is less of a review and more of a thank you to Joe and Jefi!
- Gabe G

Jefi is the awesome!  She and Joe sold our home in La Mesa and were amazing from start to finish.  She's so friendly, totally professional and extremely knowledgeable.  She gave us great guidance throughout the process and was there to answer questions and give advice as needed - never ever pushy.  She was always available when we had questions or concerns and was great at getting us answers in a timely and thorough manner.  Our home sold after only about 4 days (one weekend of open houses).  We are soooo happy we had Jefi representing us!  Thank you so much Jefi!
-Sarrah A.

I just completed my third successful real estate transaction with Jefi. That alone should speak for itself. Everything Jefi says Jefi does. First and foremost she has her clients best interests as her priority. She's going to give you her honest opinion on everything, value, financing, appraisal, resale or whatever and never waiver just from what the market will support. Do yourself a favor and contact Jefi!!
-MIck A.

If you looking for a real estate professional who listens, is honest, highly knowledgable of market conditions, and gives "Nordstrom" level customer service, then Jefi and team is your best choice. She represented us as listing agent for our family trust in the sale of the long time family home with respect and attention to detail. The overall transaction was well managed, with timely communication and proper levels of "hand holding" when needed. I would use Jefi, Joe, and team again. 
-Bernie S

Wow! What can I say? Rather, what CAN'T I say about Jefi's complete and overall professionalism? My sister and her family were relocating here from out of state. I knew there would be some unique challenges and snafus due to the long distance nature of the home purchase. I did not hesitate for one moment to recommend Jefi to my ALWAYS, Jefi delivered! I am always very cautious about recommending anyone for anything but Jefi is a huge exception to that rule. Whether you have a relatively easy and straight-forward sale/purchase to make or you have something more convoluted and out-of-the-ordinary, Jefi will handle it ALL without a hesitation or "hiccup". With the thousands of realtors available in San Diego County Jefi rises about the rest. Of course, in the litigious world we live in no one does business on a handshake anymore BUT, that being said, Jefi is the person you could still do that with. She is a woman of her word, a joyful spirit, and the consumate professional. Thank you, Jefi, for getting my sister and her family back to the west coast where they belong! You're the best!!
-Kelly W

I was in desperate need to get rid of a piece of property that wasn't working out for me financially.

I needed a quick sell and a professional realtor that could take care business.

I found Jefi on yelp and give her a call. She came over to my place with her team immediately to assess the situation and put together a plan to find the right buyer for the house.

Jefi really knows what she's doing, she's knowledgeable, resourceful, and was always available for any questions or concerns I had.

She sold the property for the price I wanted. I'm already using her to find my next property.

I highly recommend Jefi to anyone who is looking for a realtor that is professional, extremely dedicated, and attentive.
-David B

There are realtors and there are people. Jefi is that rare breed: she's both. Good people. She's actually a real human realtor! She cares about putting us in homes we really really want to live in. I'm probably one of her worst clients: super picky. She doesn't mind! This is the third property I'm looking to buy in the past couple decades, and I'd prefer not to be hasty. I don't have to buy right away, I want to pick just the right place to finally settle down in. She has accommodated my style completely: I'm busy like everyone else, so she gets my attention for a property only if she thinks it might be The One. In fact, if I were speed dating for houses, I would want to land on this realtor, because she has great instincts and insight about people and places and could get me something in a pinch, if need be, and I know it would be a happy house hookup for my washer and dryer.

I met Jefi when we were both volunteering for a community activity. I liked her immediately. She became my realtor in one effortless conversation, just like that, because I was just sort of wondering about MAYBE moving some day, and she laughingly agreed to my terms of being slow and picky. Like I said, a real person. I know she can move fast: I was almost ready to nibble on a property the other day and without my asking she had cleared time for me in case I wanted to make an offer. But no pressure. No cold, hard sale. Just: available. Which is pretty cool, and exactly what I need. She knows her stuff, and I also know she follows through with her clients even after a sale is done, because she's knowledgeable and loaded with resources. Wherever I land, I know I can count on her to keep being that warm, kind, real human realtor long past the dotted line.
-Gayle E

Jefi Moultrie is such a good person--on top of that, she is a consummate professional.  Jefi goes above and beyond to make her buyers and sellers feel comfortable with one of the biggest decisions they will ever make.

Jefi helped us get into a home we love--for that we can never thank her enough.  After having the patience to show us many beautiful homes, she navigated the purchase of the home of our dreams with grace, charm, wit, and the utmost of professionalism; from interacting with the seller to answering all our questions, we knew we were in good hands. 

Since then, I have referred many of my friends and family to Jefi for all of their real estate needs.  She has always maintained the same level of excellence with each new deal she handles. My colleague, Ann, had a particularly challenging deal to navigate, and Jefi cut through the red tape and made Ann's dream a reality.  Jefi's quick thinking, her flexibility and her professionalism, once again came shining through--Ann got her new home and sold her previous home for top dollar.  

Jefi consistently proves to be a stellar realtor and a wonderful human being, and I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed.  If you're looking for to buy or sell your home, without a single doubt, Jefi Moultrie is the best person for the job!
-Melanie E

Returning to California after many was challenging to be on a long-distance search for what we hope is our last home purchase.  Over the past 14 months, Jefi never tired in her quest to find us the home of our dreams, answer our questions, meet us at the airport at a moments notice....(you get the idea...).  If there was a ten-star rating, she definitely earned it!  Such a pleasure to work with....her entire staff is a class-act team!  Don't look any further than Jefi!!
-Lisa M

Jefi is the ultimate professional!  She knows exactly the right marketing strategies, knows the most reliable contractors, inspectors, and escrow agents to lead folks through the sale process, and she is so personable to top it off.  She sold the home of our parents, and when it came time to sell our own, we considered no other realtor!
-Kari K

I was referred to Jefi by a family friend who is also a real estate agent.  She treated me like family from the moment I first contacted her, and made the entire home buying experience so easy! I was out of town for most of the month I was in escrow, and she scheduled and attended every appointment for me - making everything less stressful.  I would definitely use her again, and will be recommending her to friends!
-Erica S

Jefi has helped my family buy 2 homes and sell 1 over the last 10 years. Her professionalism, knowledge and expertise is continually admired by those who work with her. I am confident that if she was not guiding us on our last home purchase that we would not be living in the house of our dreams at this time. Jefi went above and beyond the call of duty to make that purchase happen. Without her confidence and knowledge, I am sure that other agents would have backed out of such a deal. I was 8 months pregnant and never once did Jefi let on about the troubles that were happening behind the scenes as she didn't want to unnerve us. There is no other realtor that I could recommend with such high esteem and  regard as I know that Jefi will always get the job done.
-Samantha L

Jefi is a true professional. She is honest, hardworking, and knows the ins and outs of the real estate business. She sold me the house of my dreams, and also sold my house for the asking price within the first 2 hours it was listed! Who could ask for more? But there is more! She helped with every aspect of my sale, repairs, and moving. She is friendly, empathetic, and highly competent. A+++
-Ann C

There is a simplistic magic in this universe that Jefi truly understands. It is peaceful. It is genuine. It is undeniable. The experience of buying or selling a home with her as my guide encapsulated all of those things. Her efforts were seamless and her results could only be described as fateful. The enormity of thanks for all she has done in my quest for change is written here with the mightiest my heart can muster.
-Steven K

Jefi and her team are top notch, always there for you and made the process of selling our home a breeze. I can't say enough positive words about her and her team. They are very professional and work for you 100% of the time. I can't thank them enough for all there hard work. So when it comes down to it, they are as good as they get !!! We had our house listed asap and within 1 week sold and in escrow, 30 days later it closed :-) We couldn't be any happier with our choice. Deserve 10 stars A+
-Jay R

I referred Jefi to my friend Mara who told me she was looking for a house in the La Mesa area (see Mara F. on 4/10/2014). Jefi, being the smart, professional, responsive, reliable professional that she is, quickly found my friend the house of her dreams. Mara had nothing but great things to say about Jefi and thanked me for introducing Jefi to her.   I've known Jefi for over 10 years and can honestly say that she is one of the most honest, kind, thoughtful and smart people I know. She also has a very personable demeanor that puts people at ease. This might sound a bit cheesy, but I feel lucky to know her. She will definitely be the one I call next time I need real estate assistance.  
-Leah K

Jefi was a joy to work with and and offered us a lot of good advice that we would not have thought about otherwise. We ended up using Jefi to both purchase a new home, and sell our existing home, and we're happy we did. She worked hard as an advocate for us, and was always prompt in her responses to all our questions (including weekends and after hours). Highly recommend Jefi for either buying or selling a home.
-Rich and Shelly

We felt confident in your advice and developed a sense of trust such that we will eagerly recommend you to anyone who asks. You have great interpersonal skills and good judgment in both handling the transaction and people.  In a nutshell, we are happy with the job you did and enjoyed our time with you. Thanks for all of your hard work and we hope to remain in touch in the future.
-Chris and Christine

My wife and I had a tight deadline to make our move.  We wanted it all - a super deal on our new house, the most we could get out of our old house, and we needed it all done yesterday.  Jefi and her team delivered.  From the amazing photos that helped us get a bunch of showings (and offers) the 1st day on the market, to her relentless calls to the agent of the bank-owned property we wanted to buy, and everything in between; Jefi and crew were on it.
What's more, Jefi was dialed into the latest technology, so we were reviewing, signing, and turing around documents on our phones and not getting pulled away from work. We made our deadline. We're in our wonderful new home. Plus, the family that purchased our former home is delighted as well. If you have an aggressive schedule, crazy expectations, and want to get it done fast, Jefi is who you need.
-Rob and Brook

Jefi recently helped me sell my house. She is an amazing agent: professional, courteous, expedient, and knowledgeable. Her personality is a plus, making everyone feel comfortable with all the intricacies of a home sale. When I had questions she patiently explained and was always available by both phone and email. If you are looking for an honest hard-working agent, either to assist with a sale, or to help you secure a new property, I cannot recommend her enough. Go with Jefi!
-Lori W

Jefi is goodness personified. She's not only one of the most positive and kind-hearted people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, she's hard-working, strategic, sharp, and just a really, really TALENTED professional. Jefi left no stone unturned to make sure we saw many homes until we were as familiarized with the market as she was; she then guided us through a pretty intense bidding war (that we won thanks to her savvy negotiations) and finally, Jefi led us through an expedited escrow with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns from the sellers--and boy, was she ON IT, just like her email footer says. Jefi is accessible like nobody's business--not a day went by she didn't make sure we weren't totally cognizant of what was going on--and in the end, Jefi secured our dream home--we move in tomorrow and it's beautiful! We'll be forever grateful to Jefi for how impeccably she managed the whole affair; always cheery and loving (and FUNNY), it's little wonder many of Jefi's clients become personal friends. Thank you, Jefi--we'll see you soon at our place for wine!!!


I want to thank you for handling the sale of my parents home.  Mother had lived there for over 65 years.  We were nervous that necessary repairs or complicated details of the transaction would make it stressful for her, but you managed all aspects of the sale with efficiency that we never imagined.

Thank you from all of us.

The Mayer Family

Dear Jefi,
Even though we’re the same age, I consider you my “Mom” when it comes to Real Estate. You offer the kind of time, patience, attention, security, and amazingly spot-on, intuitive advice that only a (great) Mother can give. Working with you has been by far the most pleasant and positive aspect to house hunting. Additionally, you are a fierce strategist and competitor. The same day our prospective house became available to view, a bidding war ensued that you craftily won without even breaking a sweat. You knew exactly what to do and you continue to lead us through an expedited escrow with utmost control and cheer. I can’t imagine putting such huge responsibility in anyone else's hands—a heartfelt thank you for all you do, Jefi!
-Mara F

Dearest Jefi,
I hope all is well, because you deserve the best.  I am one of your previous clients, and I don't believe I've ever taken the time to thank you for all you've done for me.  Because of you, I now have a roof over my head and a warm and cozy place to call home for both me and my family.  Working with you was the easiest time in my life.  I could always depend on you to answer my calls, and respond to my questions quickly and efficiently.  I will always hold you near and dear to my heart, and because it's that time of year to give thanks, I am eternally grateful for you Jefi.  Thank you for changing my life in the best way imaginable.
With much love,
One of your many lucky clients

Gary and I would like to express our gratitude for your impressive high energy attitude, guidance, attention to detail and extra efforts which reflect the professional service that was provided. You and your staff performed to the extremely high standards of Keller Williams Realty. Working with Jefi and her staff was an absolutely positive experience. She is stellar at walking the client through the sales process, keeping us informed and providing critical guidance. Even beyond this, Jefi maintains a high energy attitude, positive personal demeanor and cares about meeting the needs of the clients who place their trust in her.  With living out of state we feel extremely confident from the initial interview process to the final closing that we elected the right Realtor for the job. Ciao Ciao.
~Michelle Z.

I have had a big opportunity in the last 17 years to get to know some great Realtors in San Diego.  I have unique and detailed knowledge when it comes to Realtors' skills and passion for their work.  The authenticity that you both bring to your work is extremely refreshing!  I enjoy the fresh, quick, and relevant  marketing strategies that you bring your sellers and buyers. Both of you add so much to a customer's experience and I enjoy watching the success you create. I will continue to meet more and more Realtors but I'm positive that none will have the impact that you have both had on me.  Thank you!
~Roxanne K.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you did with helping me get through the difficult process of selling my mother’s home. Your dedication and sensitivity during that difficult time was very much appreciated.  I couldn’t have ask for a more professional agent, and now friend to take care of a emotional process. I hope I can use you expertise in the future. I will absolutely, without hesitation, refer your name to any and all friends, and business associates looking to buy or sell a home.
Scott S.

Dear Jefi,
I felt you went above and beyond to sell our parents' house.  It was a tough sell, and you tried every method in the book.  You kept a positive attitude the whole time.  You were fantastic with the paperwork to close, and personally took care of small details.  I would recommend you to others in a flash!  Thanks so much for all.
~Kari K.

Jefi was always available when I had a question or concern.  She called me back promptly and was always very professional.  Jefi asked me how she could grow and I said, “Just keep doing what you are doing!” 
~Garrett V.

Jefi took a vacation while we were in escrow and even while she was on another continent everything went smooth, calls were returned by her team promptly, and her professionalism never waivered!  Jefi, thank you for all that you did to pull off a very hard transaction.  I would refer her in a heartbeat. 
~Susan and Bob B.

It was great to work with someone who showed up when they said they would!  Our texts, calls and e-mails were always returned in a speedy fashion.  I would absolutely refer Jefi and her team to any of our family members and friends.  Jefi and her team made us feel like we were their only clients.  We are grateful to you and Fraser for helping us find our home! 
~Louann, Dick, Stefanie & Sammy

My husband and I just recently purchased our first home with the help of Jefi and her team. She was a wonderful teacher as we went through the many highs and lows of the house-hunt. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home buying process, and made an incredibly stressful journey as stable and relaxed as possible. She also has an expansive array of professionals she can recommend to supplement her services, from lenders to inspectors to a handyman. Jefi answers emails, phone calls, and texts very promptly, and she maneuvers her schedule around what best suits her client; if she is unable to meet with you at your desired time, she will send someone else from her team in order to best accommodate you. I am very thankful that I was referred to Jefi, and I am happy to pay it forward by recommending her to others. 

~Ashley W.

Jefi is a true professional and more!  She is extremely knowledgeable,  has high integrity and worked very hard for us.  She is truly an outstanding individual. 
~Eadie R.

 Great job as my realtor... she was so patient with me.  I am so glad she helped find the right  house for me.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.
 ~Vicki R.

 Wonderful level of service, would recommend her to anyone. 
 ~John S.

We, West End Mortgage Group, had the great pleasure of working with Jefi on a recent escrow. We were the lenders on the property being purchased; she was the listing agent representing the sellers.  Jefi is very professional, proactive and responsive.  She understands the financing process and was an asset to getting the transaction closed smoothly.